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In 2019, NeoBioSys decided to engage an ISO 22000 approach in order to meet our clients’ requirements in the food and food supplement industry, as well as feed industry. The mobilization of important human and financial resources, as well as important works, have led to obtaining the certification is September 2021. 🎉

This certification supports the fact that we are able to provide batches dedicated to human consumption, from a few hundred grams to several kilograms. This enables us to produce batches of every size under various forms. We are also able to produce preclinical batches for Live Biotherapeutical Products. 🦠

Our Quality Management System has been built so we maintain our adaptability and ability to adapt to our clients’ needs.

This success wouldn’t have been possible without the involvement of the entire team, in particular our Quality Manager Romane Beneston. Thank you also to 5QBD-Biotech who supported us throughout the certification process.