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Anti-infectives, vaccines and GMOs


NeoBioSys has a BSL2 laboratory equipped with fermenters of different volumes and a wide range of analytical tools (including on-line gas analysis). This adaptive tool allows us to work on group 2 pathogenic microorganisms as well as on GMO strains or strains whose non-pathogenicity has not been demonstrated. A large part of our activities on this equipment is dedicated to human and animal vaccines.

All types of microorganisms can be worked on (aerobic, anaerobic, micro-aerophilic). NeoBioSys’ expertise in process development enables us to considerably intensify the culture processes.

This process intensification can have several objectives depending on the project :

The pharmaceutical industry, through the recommendations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), aims to reduce production cycle time, prevent batch rejection, enable real-time release, increase automation and control, improve energy and material utilization and facilitate continuous processing while limiting overall costs. All of this fits into what is known as Process Analytical Technology (PAT). This is a mechanism to design, analyze and control pharmaceutical manufacturing processes by measuring critical process parameters. Analytical monitoring (preferably on-line) of these critical parameters is part of our scale-up method. NeoBioSys works in such a way to provide its customers with a process that is not only improved in terms of productivity but also more reliable, more robust, of consistent quality and on which we can monitor any drift in real time.