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NeoBioSys® offers its expertise on many issues related to the use of micro-organisms. His vision and philosophy could be summed up as follows: “Micro-organisms serving the planet”.

Microorganisms are present everywhere in our environment. We are convinced that tomorrow’s solutions for health, production, construction and the environment will, for the most part, involve the development of techniques related to the cultivation of micro-organisms.

Our commitment is to put our scientific expertise at the service of this future project.

It is in this sense that the company NeoBioSys®, created in 2009 and located in Issoire near Clermont- Ferrand, works on the use of microorganisms in all sectors of activity.

Our main know-how is the process acceleration as well as the development and intensification of bioprocesses (notably fermentations). Our goal is to make the use of microorganisms economically and technically viable in all sectors of activity where this is possible.

It is by following this concept that NeoBioSys® has brought its expertise to players in extremely varied fields (health, agri-food, environment, civil engineering). The confrontation of visions of different sectors of activity allowed us to implement adapted responses to the industrial and research constraints of our customers.

Beyond its service delivery activity, NeoBioSys® is positioning itself as a producer of fermented complementary feeds for animals.

Research programs are also developed internally with the aim of offering new and increasingly innovative products.



NeoBioSys® was born from the resolve of its two co-founders Nicolas Bourgne and Grégory Chambon to answer the issues of valorization and industrialization of production processes by biotechnology. It was after a career in large industrial groups that these two multidisciplinary engineers in Biological Engineering created this structure of production and support for the development of the cell factory.

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Nicolas Bourgne
General Manager, Sales Manager

Engineer in Biological Engineering, Nicolas Bourgne began his career in 2006 in the pharmaceutical industry within the group Sanofi-Aventis. The evolution of the pharmaceutical industry and the growing outsourcing of its R&D were the starting point of the NeoBioSys adventure that he co-founded in 2009 with Grégory Chambon. His general skills allow Nicolas to interact with actors in many sectors (agri-food, nutraceutical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, civil engineering, environment, chemistry) which have as common denominator the use of microorganisms in their processes. His recognized expertise in biotechnology also brings him to work with the NeoBioSys team on innovative research projects, particularly in the context of collaborative projects for the future.

Grégory Chambon
General Manager, Production Manager

Past the Schering and Sanofi-Aventis groups as a research executive, this Biological engineer has developed a solid expertise in the fields of health and biotechnology. Graduated from Polytech'Clermont-Ferrand in 2006, Grégory Chambon worked alongside various biotechnology players from various backgrounds whose themes often revolved around a constant: the use of micro- organisms and their potential. With his expertise in bioreactor engineering, he decided to co-found NeoBioSys with Nicolas Bourgne in 2009. The objective is to bring natural microbiological solutions to industrial and research issues. This mission led him, with the NeoBioSys team, to develop innovative productions.