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Food industry


NeoBioSys supports the food industry in the development and/or propagation of more or less exotic ferments used in manufacturing processes. We intervene from yeasts used in panification to starters of propagation while passing by various bacteria used in the food industry.

Although our expertise allows us to develop ferments used in ultra-fresh products, the stakeholders in this sector generally ask us to develop unusual and more complex fermentation processes. Thus, our intervention is much more often focused on ambitious and innovative projects involving complex flora (organoleptic flora, original fermented products). For this, NeoBioSys uses all its expertise in the optimization and development of culture processes:

We can produce in different forms :

To meet the regulatory constraints of the sector, NeoBioSys offers ISO 22000:2018 and FSSC 22000 certified production for industrial batches up to 5000L in fermentation.